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Connect with Hawaii’s top cloud innovators and collaborate with industry sectors to drive digital transformation and growth for our economy.

The Hawaiʻi Cloud Innovation Summit is a premier conference dedicated to exploring and promoting innovative technologies, digital transformation, and enabling the local workforce. This year’s event is focused on the theme of “Laulima: Working Together to Future Proof Hawaiʻi’s Economy,” bringing together all sectors of the economy and highlighting the importance of collaboration to drive growth and success.

The objective of the event is to connect businesses, technology leaders, healthcare leaders, education, government officials and defense leaders to exchange ideas, best practices, and insights on digital transformation. Through engaging keynote presentations, informative panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, attendees will gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies to leverage digital transformation and innovation to drive economic growth and protect the local economy.

The summit will also focus on the importance of enabling the workforce to meet the demands of the digital age, highlighting the need for continuous learning and development to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment. With a strong emphasis on uniting to protect our local economy, the summit aims to bring together stakeholders from all sectors to explore innovative solutions that promote growth, sustainability, and prosperity for all of Hawaiʻi.

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