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With the explosion of new AI tools and products on the market, AI has transitioned from the far off fantasies of science fiction novelists to a ubiquitous decision maker in our daily lives. If you are trying to get a new credit card or applying for a new job, chances are that an AI system played some role in the deciding the outcome. The increased role of AI systems in our daily lives means that we, as both consumers and business leaders, need to take a closer look at the ethicality of using AI as both a primary decision maker and an informer in our own decision making processes. In this event, we will have an open discussion about the following questions:

* Do AI systems represent you?
* Do AI systems align with your desires and goals?
* Are AI systems fair and bias-free?
* Do AI systems respect your privacy or the privacy of others?

Join us May 11th to discuss these topics and questions in depth. This event is open and welcome to people of all backgrounds whether you are a person that has never directly interacted with AI systems or a business leader that it thinking about using AI in their product or service. Due to restrictions of our venue, we will have a reservation limit of 40 people.

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