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Meet the Makers

Join the makers behind Big Island Coffee Roasters, Brandon and Kelleigh, as they show you a behind-the-scenes look at the process that makes their coffees unique and full of vibrant flavors. They will take you through the process of dry milling, grading, optical sorting and roasting, and will explain how these quality control measures ensure they are producing the best coffee! You will also see how to get the best out of the coffees by learning general brewing parameters for success regardless of the brewing method. Brandon and Kelleigh will demonstrate their fail-proof recipe for French press.

Big Island Coffee Roasters have also curated an exclusive assortment of their products for this event! They will introduce each blend included in the exclusive set and share the story behind each coffee that has been selected. They will also introduce Espresso Bites, which were recently featured on Good Morning America, and demonstrate the multiple ways to savor them.


Big Island Coffee Roasters was founded by a couple of wild coffee lovers, Brandon von Damitz and Kelleigh Stewart. Their team, a deep decade in the coffee industry, works alongside local farmers to deliver the widest variety of authentic Hawai’i coffees available worldwide. Their mission is to raise the bar, scale the reach, and change the conversation about Hawaiian coffees on the pillars of their values: quality, community and sustainability. In doing so, they create long term value for farmers and Hawai’i’s coffee economy.

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