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Cohort 12 Demo Day on October 29!

Mark your calendars – we are gearing up for our first virtual demo day on Thursday, October 29, 2-4pm HST.

Cohort 12 will be pitching live and fielding questions from a panel of Venture Capitalists. We will also have update pitches from select alumni.

A virtual afterparty to follow.

Cohort #12 Startup Profiles

Enhancing Water Security

3Rwater Inc developed the Follow the Drop mobile application (FtD) to build water security and resiliency. FtD supports water/stormwater utilities and their customers to reduce their stormwater runoff impacts, build resiliency, and save money.

Optimizing Software Testing

Appsurify helps companies test smarter using its software intelligence platform. Through machine learning, Appsurify enables companies to prioritize their testing processes, leading to faster releases and reducing the cost of test execution.

Creating An Alternative Mode of Childcare

Clubba Virtual after-school clubs for kids ages 7-13 led by college student counselors.

Utility Billing for Renewable Energy

Energy311 automates the tracking, billing, and payment for electricity usage from renewable sources. Through data collected from e-meters, commercial property owners receive payment from tenants conveniently.

Empowering Travelers To Do Good

Kind Traveler is the 1st Give + Get hotel booking platform that empowers travelers to positively impact the communities they visit.

Maximizing Home Rental Potential

Leadroommate is an online home rental service that matches homeowners with lead roommates who fill (and manage) their homes for rewards like free rent.

Automating Liquor Promotions For Distributors

Liquid Presentation is a proven patented SaaS platform for quadrupling individual representatives’ sales volume in the liquor distribution industry. The company has successfully reduced the sales and brand-building cycle from weeks to minutes.

Re-Creating Offline Collaboration Experiences Online

Rendezview provides virtual collaborative workspaces for online meetings, allowing distributed teams to meet and work together as if they’re in the same room.

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