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Chemistry of Water Series: Why are limu green or red or brown?!
Science and art converge at Hawaii Watercolor Society’s Chemistry of Water at the Honolulu Musuem of Art School Main Gallery. Free lecture.
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Dr. Celia Smith, PhD of the UH Botany Department shares about HOW and WHY light color and quantity change in the ocean has been a point fascination for her as a scientist. She shares how these features appear to have in part, led to development of different limu over the last 500 million years of plant evolution. This talk will present some examples of how ocean plants adapted to harvest different colors of light and what these features mean for healthy reefs in Hawaii.
If you ever wondered why some limu is green, red or brown, you will find the answer! Bring a photo of limu if you’ve ever wondered about it.
This talk, a part of a Tuesday lunch series hosted by the Hawaii Watercolor Society to complement their Chemistry of Water exhibition seeks to inspire lovers of science and art.

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