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Fun and games, developer style! And a little competition for those that want…

Clash of Code is an online game where players are simultaneously given the same puzzle, and all try to solve the puzzle competitively.

How we vary it: while most players are competing, not everyone feels comfortable enough with Python to write code on the fly like this; therefore, one of the meeting hosts will solve the puzzle “out loud”, narrating as they solve and answering questions that might be asked of them, as a guide to those who are looking to learn instead of compete.

Why you should come to PyHawaii:
• Learn Python, tools, techniques, frameworks and programming art and science
• For beginners (absolute beginners are always welcome!)
• For advanced users too!
• Meet local Pythonistas (grow your network)
• Find cool projects to work on
• Solve puzzles
• Hang out
• Have tons of fun in the process!


PyHawaii is powered by our friends and sponsors at:

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