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Speaker 1: Megan Porter
Mantis shrimp super powers – fun facts and weird biology

Mantis shrimp, aka stomatopod crustaceans, have become wildly popular animals because of their most well known animal super powers – extreme vision and super fast death strikes. But how much do you really know about their biology? In this talk I’ll highlight some of the most recent discoveries about mantis shrimp biology and how some of these super powers have been translated into unexpected biotechnologies.

Speaker 2: Julia Hartl
What are mesoscale eddies and why you should care

Ever wondered about the functions of mesoscale eddies in our ocean system? This talk discusses eddies and sharks, eddies around Hawai’i and eddies that extend to the deep sea, along with future projections regarding climate change and the effects on global eddy fields

Speaker 3: Jaynee R. Kim
On the importance of naming a species

There are more than 750 recorded native Hawaiian land snail species and a lot more that we haven’t described yet. These species are going extinct faster than we can name them, however this is a necessary step if we want to save these snails. See the first living native land snail species described since 1960 and the last Endodonta known to be alive in the Hawaiian Islands.

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