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Entrepreneurship Live With Bahman Sadeghi & Kimia Sadeghi

Meadow Gold Dairies

Free. Open to all current, classified UH students.


Bahman Sadeghi, a diverse entrepreneur, founded companies such as LogixCapital, TransChill, and LogixPower. His ventures cover equipment leasing, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and shipping. Notable projects include Logix Capital’s Iso tank leasing, TransChill’s chiller manufacturing, and LogixPower’s battery packs replacing diesel Gensets in transportation.


Kimia Sadeghi, founded Luana Beverages, a Hawaiian-inspired beverage startup, while attending Babson College in Massachusetts. Luana focuses on offering healthy, high-quality products, with their first release being Kailua Sunrise. Kimia gained experience as a Venture Capital Analyst at VU Venture Partners before joining her father at Meadow Gold Dairies, where Kimia currently serves as the Business Development Manager.

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