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Hello everyone! We’re concluding Fast AI’s NLP-centric Lesson 8 by sharing some NLP projects our members have worked on. NLP stands for natural language processing, which is a subfield of AI, linguistics, and computer science. The goal of NLP is to process and analyze text data using computer programs. The field of NLP has grown exponentially in the last 2 to 3 years alone.

Before members start sharing their NLP projects, Amihan Camson, a UH student and graduate research fellow at the Hawaii Data Science Institute, will share her data science presentation.

Our agenda will be:
1. 10 minutes — Introductions
2. 20 minutes — Amihan’s Data Science Presentation + Q&A
3. 1 hour — NLP project sharing, either via presentation slides or casual code walkthroughs/overviews

Please come and join us even if you’re new to NLP and data science!

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