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A facilitated discussion designed to share the struggles + opportunities we face in building and scaling businesses through marketing.

How does this sound?

A group of brave women discussing their business and marketing challenges in a safe space?

Entrepreneurship isn’t always easy.  And it’s helpful to know that the impossible challenges you face, are often the same challenges other motivated women face as well.

That was the vision in mind behind this event – a focus group discussion, facilitated by yours truly, designed to share our struggles and opportunities in building and scaling businesses through marketing.

There’s no hidden agenda, but let’s not hide the fact that this information may help us arrive at helpful insight and conclusions, together. And it may better inform future projects, product developments, creative collaborations, or services.

All stages of business dreaming, building, or scaling are welcome.

Light refreshments will be provided. Open to the public. Must register (25 person max.)

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