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**Happy Aloha Friday!**

I know it’s been a while. The pandemic has changed so many things in our lives, yet there are always wonderful people in our space giving and dedicating their time to making our future world(s) a better place. With that said, my wonderful friend, Christopher Lafayette has committed a good part of the last 6 months to make this incredible XR vision happen. This online summit is next week starting Tuesday, February 22nd will be AMAZING!

Launched in 2021, we’re gathering earth’s communities to add collective values to the metaverse:

[Gatherverse Summit Official Website](https://gatherversesummit.com/)

[CLICK FREE TICKETS!](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gatherverse-summit-tickets-217609685427)

**What is GatherVerse?**

* A global ecosystem where communities gather, discuss, document and share human centered approaches to the metaverse.
* Where all technical and non technical industries are welcomed and have a voice.
* An Annual Summit assembling thought leaders, multi-industry professionals and practitioners to share their ideas on how they view a humanity-first approached metaverse.
* Global representatives who arrive, participate and share with their local communities.
* A series of sessions year round called “Gathers” that will be held virtually and in-person.
* Well sourced, good information shared in our growing newsletter and social media streams.
* A growing community of thousands that we hope you share with others.

**Our Mission**
We gather world communities together.
Our mission is to bring the metaverse into a clearer, humanity centered view.

Won’t you join us online next week?
[CLICK FOR FREE REGISTRATION!](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gatherverse-summit-tickets-217609685427)

We are also announcing a “Future of XR 2” in late Spring

A hui hou,


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