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Today more than ever, the agriculture sector and its affiliated industries must provide collaborative leadership to proactively address a changing environment. Be it the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, the local economy, or cultural and social drivers – times are constantly evolving, and there is a critical need to have a solid understanding of the big picture and to engage with others to identify, support and leverage opportunities to adapt in ways that benefit individual businesses, the collective agricultural community, and consumers of Hawai‘i.

Hawai‘i’s agricultural sector presently reflects a highly diverse range of crops, production methodologies, business models, and markets – meeting a variety of opportunities, needs and demands. These businesses and supportive affiliates are all striving for that ‘sweet spot’ in which agriculture is proudly supported by our communities; there is a vibrant workforce made up of inspired entrepreneurs and workers who have passion for products produced and equity in business outcomes; and agricultural businesses and support systems are economically viable and vibrant.

Join the AG2022 Conference to explore, learn and network with Hawa‘i’s agricultural leaders and affiliates. The State of Agriculture in Hawai‘i Today presentation on Day 1 will provide context that will enhance participation throughout the Conference. It will be followed by a thought-provoking keynote on Juggernauts to Expanding Hawai‘i Agriculture. Day 2 will begin with a look at The Future from FFA Students. Then choose among 24 breakout sessions within the tracks of Community Collaboration – It takes a village to succeed, A Vibrant Workforce – The socio-economic factor, and The Business of Agriculture – Creating economic viability & vitality. Learn more about the track sessions below.

Hawai‘i agriculture is cresting the wave…Together, let’s make it a strong green ride into the future.

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