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The 7th annual Leadership Conference will span three days, with optional morning and afternoon sessions, July 28-30, 2020. The Conference will feature inspiring speakers, valuable skill-building sessions, and advice on how to find personal and professional resilience in this new COVID-19 world.

The Leadership Conference you expect during unexpected times.

Leadership 2020 is going virtual!

We look forward to welcoming you in person in the near future; however for now the well-being and good health of the community is our top priority.

And while the world changes around us, Hawaiʻi continues to move forward — producing leaders and solutions here and on the global stage.

This new platform offers:

  • All the Leadership Conference content you know and love
  • More sessions (12 breakout sessions and 2 general sessions)
  • Multiple days (July 28-30)
  • The opportunity to share the Leadership Conference with your organization’s distributed team members and aspiring leaders in your family

More than 50 speakers. 14 sessions.

Live sessions with Q&A.


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