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Writeup from Hawaii AI:

The State of Hawaii is set to host its first-ever Data and AI Summit on April 24, 2024, bringing together public sector IT professionals and industry experts to explore innovative approaches to data management and artificial intelligence in government decision-making.

The event aims to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among attendees while showcasing the latest trends and strategies in data and AI. It’s not open to the public, however—it’s for government employees only, with the private sector invited only to participate as sponsors.

Rebecca Cai
Rebecca Cai, Hawaii State Chief Data Officer

The summit will be one of the first speaking engagements for Hawaii’s Chief Data Officer, Rebecca Cai, who assumed the role in November 2023. Cai, the state’s first CDO, brings 24 years of experience in digital, data, analytics, and decision intelligence from the private sector. She previously served as the chief data officer for New York State’s Office of Information Technology Services, where she transformed the role to encompass data governance, master data management, open data, geospatial data services, data analytics and visualization, and AI.

“In Hawai’i, I am planning to do more of the same,” said Cai. “I am really excited about the responsible use of Generative AI and data/AI governance, especially about what value we can bring to the public with Data and AI together.”

Other notable speakers include Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke, who will deliver the welcome address, and international keynote speaker Sharon Gai. Gai, a former Alibaba executive, will discuss the critical role of data science and IT leadership in embracing data for public good and leveraging data as a cornerstone to build robust, AI-enabled public systems.

The summit will feature sessions on various topics, including data and AI governance, data sharing for interoperability, data privacy, and responsible use of data and AI for equity and security. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in concurrent sessions on geospatial data for emergency management and disaster response, as well as leading government pilot use of AI for efficiency.

Governor Josh Green emphasized the importance of evidence-based decision-making in setting good policy across key areas such as housing, healthcare, and the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Having Ms. Cai onboard is a major step forward in making decisions using the best data available,” said Governor Green.

The Hawaii Data and AI Summit is open to public sector professionals and is expected to attract attendees from various state and county organizations. The event aims to promote transparency, accountability, and ethical use of data and AI technologies to foster trust in their deployment within government organizations.

For more information, visit: https://events.govtech.com/Hawaii-Data-Summit.html

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