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Attend a live virtual recording of “Hawaii Grown,” the agriculture podcast by Civil Beat, for an episode all about pests!

Join Claire Caulfield, Civil Beat’s audio reporter and host of the podcast, “Hawaii Grown,” for a live virtual recording of an episode for the agriculture series from Civil Beat.

The show will focus on pests, starting with a farm tour to see how the avocado lace bug has been destroying farmer’s trees and crops, but also the trees of many residents throughout Hawaii. Then we’ll explore some possible solutions to the unique threat pests pose to Hawaii’s agricultural goals.

Audience members will have a chance to participate in the podcast by asking their questions, which could be used for the final cut.

Send in your questions by Tuesday, April 20 for an opportunity to ask the experts! To send a recording of your question, which we would love, use the voice memo app on your phone and email it to multimedia@civilbeat.org or simply reply to this email with a question.

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