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Join us for another session of stimulating conversations with the HAWT community. This month, Kelly M will share her fresh experiences about imposter syndrome, career transitions, and quitting your job. These topics never get old…they just keep changing flavors. The best way to navigate these issues is to learn from others. In her own words, Kelly’s “career path has been less ‘trajectory’ and more of an ‘uncorrelated scatterplot’”. Kelly has previously taught writing at the university-level, ran a medical practice, worked as a consultant for a ton of small businesses, and more recently held roles as a data engineer and data analyst. There’s lots to learn and she has lots to share. This session will be good!

This month we’re trying something different: we will use Slack to video conference. It’s an experiment to test if we want to adopt this platform for future meetings. All members should have access to our slack. DM us on Meetup if you need an invite link. Please head over to our Slack #general channel for details about calling in. See you soon.

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