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The Honolulu DevSecOps Meetup is an opportunity to meet follow software engineers, cyber security professionals, site reliability engineers, and operations engineers; share projects, ideas, and stories; learn new technologies; and get feedback from other members of the community working in the Honolulu area.

We may occasionally have official presentations from vendors, but we will always make time for community show and tell, so if you have a tool you’re especially excited about and want to share with the group, please let us know or just come prepared to present as time permits.

We will also have a significant chunk of time just dedicated to networking and small group conversations.

Agenda Items for May 2nd:

* Using Terragrunt to keep your Infrastructure as Code DRY when managing multiple environments. – Paul Wheeler

Food and drinks will be provided. This event is sponsored by [RVCM](https://www.rvcm.com/)

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