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Max Goodhart“Transforming Live Video with Web Tech”

Max Goodhart

What you’ll get out of this:

  • The core concepts of working with live video streaming
  • How Electron and GStreamer can be used to create live video pipelines
  • Be inspired to explore web tools in working with video

All welcome! Join us on Spatial Chat https://spatial.chat/s/hui-ad (spatial audio and video chat).


Live video has always intimidated me by its complexity and resource constraints, so I’d not explored it much until this year.

Brief context of woke.net and police brutality protests

I was inspired by this to start building tools to solve the problems of scale woke has. Gradually building up to the current woke.net: a self-hosted live video website with our own independent infrastructure creating the video, serving the video, and hosting chat.

In the process I learned a lot of things about how to work with live video as a medium, which made it a lot less opaque. I come from a web dev / JS background, and was surprised to discover how useful and applicable frontend dev is to creating video experiences, and how hosting live video isn’t very different from other web tech.

Presented by the Hawaii Umbrella Institute for the Advancement of Developers (HUI-AD).

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