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Join us for an exciting in-person workshop with Carol Lin and uncover the impact of purpose-driven communication. Don’t miss out!

The Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship invites you to join our level up workshop to unleash your public speaking with tips and tricks from Carol Lin, veteran broadcast journalist. 🚀 We’re bringing you a super chill and interactive forum where students can get hyped about speaking with confidence. Did you know that failing actually sets the stage for totally owning success, and knowing your purpose? It’s like the secret sauce that will enhance your presentation.

😎 Join us and let’s amp up those speech skills – all while keeping it real. See you there! 🎤🔥

More about our speaker – Carol Lin:

Carol Lin, a renowned journalist with accolades from ABC News and CNN, has seamlessly transitioned her two-decade-long journalistic expertise into a thriving career in Strategic and Executive Communications. Her extensive background as a correspondent and network news anchor, reporting on monumental events like the conflicts in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and the Middle East, uniquely equipped her for a new role shaping Los Angeles County government’s strategic communications.

In her capacity as Senior Advisor to the Los Angeles County CEO, Carol Lin co-led the communication efforts during the county’s challenging COVID-19 Pandemic, offering support to its 10 million residents navigating the complexities of a public health crisis. Additionally, she held the position of Director of Strategic Communications at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), directly advising Sheriff Jim McDonnell. Her role involved tackling sensitive issues such as deputy-involved shootings, use of force, body-worn cameras, mental health concerns, counterterrorism strategies, emerging crime patterns, and reform initiatives within the nation’s largest jail system.

Carol Lin boasts an impressive array of accolades, including the esteemed Alfred E. Dupont Award of Excellence and a Peabody Award for her coverage of the South Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, respectively. She’s also earned a national Emmy Award for her team’s exceptional reporting on the Afghanistan war. Beyond journalism, Carol spent two years as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the former Stanford Research Institute, delving into business and internet product development. Her diverse experience extends to over eight years of teaching at USC’s Annenberg School of Journalism in Los Angeles.

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