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Loco Moco Product Security Conference

Join us for a virtual gathering of security professionals. The Loco Moco Security Conference is a product security conference where a security engineer can learn from others’ experiences. You can expect highly educational content based on security best practices that will help manage, scale, and improve all security programs. You can also expect sun, waves, and the spirit of aloha.

Two Days, Single Track Presentations

We are big fans of the single track format. We are trying to tell a story of how to build a successful program and the single track format ensures that everyone had the same experience.

Two Days, Training Available Prior to Event

We’re going to have some great training options available for those with less experience as well as classes to entice even the biggest know-it-alls. Conference passes are included when training is purchased.

Collaborative Capture the Flag

We will be having an open and non-competitive capture the flag event. This will involve challenges for those with no web experience to those with years of experience. There is no high score, esoteric challenges, or prize at the end but instead, there is a chance to work together and share practical knowledge of real-life examples. Apply what you have learned in a fun and friendly environment! Collaboration is encouraged and the answers are public. Working your way to an answer with less and less help is the goal.

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