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Storyteller and animator Karl Pontau, the founder of Squash and Stretch Productions, Inc, will discuss the importance of having a high quality message and story when establishing your brand, seeking funding, and marketing your business.

The speaker will answer the following business storytelling questions:

1) What kind of story should I tell?

2) How can I leverage explainer animation to raise money from investors, recruit key employees, and sell to customers?

3) Why is this technology worth the investment?

4) How effective are videos and animation?

5) How does this fit into my digital marketing strategy?

6) How does this fit into my sales funnel?

7) What do I need to get started?

and more!

Please come with your questions and scenarios.

About the Speaker

Karl Pontau is the owner and president of Squash and Stretch Productions Inc, and helps companies leverage powerful stories and engaging animations to achieve their goals. His company works with startups and small enterprise companies who are looking to attract new investors and clients, explain complex concepts, and grow.

The experience of being diagnosed and treated for two malignant brain tumors taught Karl the importance of collaboration and helping others. Karl most enjoys working with tech, biotech, and health and wellness companies who are working to develop new treatments and technologies that could improve the quality of life for people who are most in need of this innovation.

Karl is co-founder of Brainiacs of SF Bay, a non-profit organization that helps young professionals dealing with brain tumors. Its mission is to connect the recently diagnosed with somebody who’s been through a similar experience for emotional and social support.

You can reach Karl at:



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