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Aloha cryptonaires!

I’m changing the format a little bit. First, I have just returned from a couple of crypto events in LA and Miami and have some great info on the industry direction and disruptive projects.

Also, I will try to highlight a project every month. This month is a local community focused project called Local Buzz. Don’t miss it! I am featuring some swag for drawing! Lastly, I am working with one of the owners to get us some drink discounts!

The bull run is sideways right now but you can’t afford not to claim a stake if you are considering investing in crypto’s.

Of course this is my opinion and I can’t give financial advice. Investing has risk especially in crypto’s. Come and get a view of a strategy that fits your risk profile. Keep informed to make informed decisions.

I have updated my gma ready sites for easier use and adoption. You will not find a list this comprehensive. Shoot me any questions prior to the meeting. RSVP your spot. See you soon!



PS. Sorry I had to change the date. Hopefully everyone can still attend!

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