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Aloha Nerds! We are thrilled to be inviting you back to in-person events with us this month. We are going back to Anna O’Briens upstairs this upcoming Monday, March 7th! Doors will open at 7 PM, and talks will start at 7:30 PM. We hope everyone can make it!

However, we also understand if you are not ready for in-person events again. With that in mind, our goal is to make these events hybrid- so we will be testing out live streaming the events on zoom. This will be at our usual Nerd Nite link here:
Meeting ID: 912 6811 0599
Passcode: besquare
Either way, we have a fantastic lineup for you! Here is a bit more about our speakers:
Speaker 1: Hannah Moon
Pigeons are f**king awesome and why you should think so too
Pigeons: Ugly, stupid disease-ridden rats with wings, or victims of class warfare and social amnesia? Re-learn what we’ve all forgotten about these incredible animals!
Speaker 2:  David Bachler
Star Wars: So Jedi its Sith
Through the narrative lens of a nigh 50 year old science fiction universe, this speculation will explore the existential question of: when have we collectively gone too far, and are we so Jedi that we have become Sith?
Speaker 3: Clarisse Sullivan
Rediscovering the rhythm in your triune brain
What happens when the reptilian part of your brain that has evolved to keep you alive ends up causing you harm? And how can these effects be reversed and healed.

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