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It is time for our first event of 2022. We had hoped to be back in person, but due to the current omicron surge, we have decided to stay online for the time being. So, please join us this upcoming Monday February 7th at 6 PM for three fantastic talks!
To join on Monday, use this zoom link:
ID: 912 6811 0599
Passcode: besquare
Speaker 1: Spencer Alascio
Animal Fight Club
Conflict is often unavoidable in the animal kingdom, where resources are limited and the success of one individual necessitates the failure of another. This conflict can surface in the form of competition for mates, food or basic survival as one species preys upon the other. Tune in to see how some incredible animals fight for the belt!

Speaker 2:  TJ Corrigan
Death noodles & Beastly Burritos: My Experience as a Stormchaser
A cookbook on how tornadoes are formed, where to find them, and how to feast responsibly!

Speaker 3: Thomas Chapin
Emerging Landscapes: Ideology through Ecology
Why do some religions seem more aggressive in their dispersal? How are indigenous practices incorporated into dominant frameworks? Second year graduate student studying plant-fungal ecology, Thomas Chapin, talks about the history of ideas through an evolutionary lens; how perceiving ideas as organisms responding to their environments can give us insight into our current political and ideological climate.

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