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Speaker 1: Justin Hite
The Akikiki, Kauai’s most endangered bird, is cute, little, nimble, mousy, hushed and spectacular. Join me as we explore their cosmic journey, from the big bang through their wild ancestral ride through the Mesozoic as dinosaurs to their uncertain present.

Speaker 2: Allyson Earl
Smokey the Bear: Saint or Satan?
In the rapidly changing world of forest management, there has been one constant in US forests for the last 75 years, Smokey the Bear. The most successful PSA in history Smokey was an overnight success, but has Smokey’s success come at a cost? Has this loveable bear been too good at his job? As the context of fire in the US is illuminated, Smokey’s history will come into question and it will be up to you to decide if this shirtless messiah of the forest is in fact the saint we desperately need, or a devil with a fiery agenda.

Speaker 3: Sydney Raquel
Questioning Reality with VR
I have a small immersive tech start-up company based out of Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Asheville, NC. Using video game dev engines as well as 360/VR cameras, we work to create content that immerses users into alternate realities and use storytelling techniques that embrace what we foresee as the next generation of media. In this talk, we will discuss all things VR, from behind the scenes to what is right in front of you. Gear up and get ready to get heady.

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