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It is that time again! Join us for our final event of 2021 this upcoming Tuesday, December 7th. We have two amazing speakers joining us that you won’t want to miss! To join, follow this link:

Here is a little more about our speakers:

Speaker 1: Kaleiheana Stormcrow

Indigenous Knowledge of Pueo (Hawaiian Short-eared Owl; Asio flammeus sandwichensis) based on Kānaka ʻŌiwi (Native Hawaiian) perspectives

A wealth of Indigenous Knowledge about Native species is contained in primary Hawaiian language sources such as moʻolelo, kaʻao oli, mele, and other articles in Nūpepa (Hawaiian language newspapers). Pueo (Hawaiian Short-eared owl; Asio flammeus sandwichensis) are an endemic raptor species that have significant cultural importance as ʻaumakua and kinolau of various akua, and we can learn a lot about this elusive and understudied species by looking at knowledge contained in these sources.

Speaker 2: Chris Hobbs

All I Want For Christmas Is Sustainability

Bishop Museum’s newly appointed Curator of Sustainability, Chris Hobbs, talks about sustainability over the festive period, exploring the impacts we have, the changes we need to make, and tips and tricks to reduce our impact on the environment.

Be there and be square!

Meeting ID: 912 6811 0599
Passcode: besquare


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