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HWIT – Networking & Building Confidence Part 1
Thursday, November 2 · 6:30 – 7:30pm

We’re fortunate to have 3 wonderful panel speakers offering their knowledge, expertise and tips on networking and building confidence. Come prepared with your questions for the panelists and be ready to soak up a wealth of valuable information to help you move forward in your career.

**Meet our Panelists!**

**Lorraine Lee**
Lorraine is a top-rated global keynote speaker, a consultant, and an instructor for Stanford Continuing Studies and LinkedIn Learning. She has 300,000+ LinkedIn followers and 10+ years of experience leading editorial teams at top tech firms.

Lorraine has worked with clients including Zoom, Cisco, Atlassian, and McKinsey and Company. She was named a Top Virtual Speaker by ReadWrite and was also named a finalist for “Global Conference Speaker of the Year” by WomenTech.

Before starting her own company, Lorraine worked at companies including Prezi, SlideShare, and LinkedIn.

Lorraine has been featured in publications including Inc., ReadWrite, and Entrepreneur.

If you’re interested in working further with Lorraine, one of our guest panelists from today, here’s how:

* Bring her in to speak at your organization: [lorraineklee.com/speaking](http://lorraineklee.com/speaking)
* Bring her in for a training at your organization: [lorraineklee.com/training](http://lorraineklee.com/training)
* Watch her 10+ FREE LinkedIn Learning courses (popular courses include How to Receive and Give Feedback and How to Speak So Others Listen): [lorraineklee.com/linkedinlearning](http://lorraineklee.com/linkedinlearning)
* Subscribe to her weekly free newsletter: [lorraineklee.com/subscribe](http://lorraineklee.com/subscribe)
* Grab the first part of her Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn: [http://lorraineklee.com/linkedin-guide](http://lorraineklee.com/linkedin-guide)

**Anna Miller**
Anna is the Founder of Second Careers, a career consultancy for early career talent that provides online courses and personalized coaching to guide career changers to land jobs in tech. After working 10+ yrs in tech, and going through 7 job searches, she launched Second Careers, supporting career changers to navigate the job search process to launch new careers in tech.

**Dr. Kat Andrews**
Bio coming soon!

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