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Hi everyone! We’ll be having a usual open session where we can all catch up or discuss any topic. We might also try playing some of the following games:

– Jackbox Games — Drawful 2 and Fibbage 3, games where you make up a lie, try to get everyone to choose your lie as truth, and you try to guess the actual truth
– Community jigsaw puzzles: https://jigsawpuzzles.io/
– Online Pictionary: https://www.drawasaurus.org/
– Houseparty: https://houseparty.com/#download — This is a free app on iOS and Android where we can play games like Pictionary and trivia and something akin to Apples to Apples.
– Spyfall: https://www.spyfall.app/gamerules — A game of social deduction where we’re agents and one of us is the spy. The spy tries to guess where our meeting location is and the other agents try to guess who the spy is.
– We’re open to other 5- to 15-minute game ideas if you have any!

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