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Supporting Requirements, Addressing Gaps, Creating Opportunities

OELS is moving to the Pacific. The Pacific AOR is at the forefront of Operational Energy, Logistics, and Cybersecurity resources and acumen. Join us at OELS 2023 in Hawaii as we take a deep dive into these important topics in the most consequential theater in the world.

Program Summary:

TechConnect, in cooperation with U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, U.S. Navy Operational Energy Office, and U.S. Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office (E2O) are proud to co-develop the 2023 Operational Energy and Logistics Summit, taking place 22-24 August, Honolulu, HI.

Join us as we advance operational energy, logistics, and cyber capabilities and strengthen partnerships between military, academia, industry, federal agencies and labs to support the DoD’s energy and security needs as outlined by the National Defense Strategy, National Security Strategy, and Department of Defense Operational Energy Strategy.

Operational Energy:

  • Portable Power (advanced batteries, sensors, generators, small unit power/modular reactors)
  • Renewables (biofuels, solar)
  • Hydrogen (hydrogen fuel cells)
  • Storage/Delivery/Distribution (grid (shipboard, expeditionary energy), non-intrusive load monitoring), movement of power and electricity
  • Transportation (cargo, ammunition, water/land systems)
  • Metering/Monitoring (usage, thermal management, AI)
  • Energy Quality (AI, ML for Decision Making)

Contested Logistics:

  • Joint Power Protection
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Distributed Operations Sustainment
  • Command and Control Systems (common operating picture, ISR, AI, communications)

Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure (electric, oil/gas, water, buildings):

  • Sensors (Host, Intrusion Detection and Prevention)
  • Tools (Orchestration, Visualization, Asset Discovery/Baselining, Correlation, SIEM)
  • Exterior Data Prevention (Firewalls and Data Diodes)

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