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Join us on February 5 & 6, 2024, for the inaugural event to explore how cutting-edge technologies can help counter regional threats.

The Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) today announced its first PaCT conference in Honolulu, Hawaii from February 5 to 6 at the Ala Moana Hotel.

The program defines challenges, solutions, and acquisition pipelines building resilience for natural and man made disasters, including climate change. Unlike typical conferences, it offers customized engagements and itineraries and features coming-soon requirements through its breakout sessions and platform. We will engage government, industry, and private capital providers from the U.S., Japan, Australia, and Pacific Island nations.

The February 5-6 program focuses on building partnerships to understand the requirements and opportunities for data-sharing solutions that increase interoperability across the region.

Keynote speakers, panel sessions and other interactive sessions will focus on:

  • Technology supporting regional objectives
  • Data collection and information sharing for maritime domain awareness
  • Challenge based acquisition opportunities across USINDOPACOM
  • Enhancing coalition interoperability
  • Coordinating allied nations data sources, classifications, and operation

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** Various Registration are available, all include breakfast.

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