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Saturday, April 18, 9am-12pm & Thursday, April 23, 6-9 pm
Room 110, Eiben Hall, Chaminade University
Fee: $135
Instructor: Tracy Wright Corvo

© Tracy Wright Corvo

CANCELLED: postponed for a future semester due to Covid-19.

Many beginning photographers approach a subject or scene and take only a few shots. Whereas a professional photographer may take fifty photos of the same subject because they know that even small variations in framing, point of view, lighting, and subject conditions often make a crucial difference in the final photograph.

Learn to work a subject or scene, to explore it thoroughly, to achieve greater knowledge, and create something interesting or unexpected. After the location shooting session, we examine the craft of editing and selecting images for maximum quality and effect. The weak link in many photographers’ workflow is the ability to edit tightly and effectively. Many photographers underestimate the power of this hidden editing process.

The class involves a morning session photographing on the streets of Waikiki and an evening session devoted to editing images. Tracy guides participants to an intuitive and spontaneous style of photographing and a tight, disciplined approach to editing.

This class is open to photographers of all levels. Please bring your camera and capture card to the first session. Editing takes place in Adobe Lightroom or Bridge.

Tracy Wright Corvo is a portrait and headshot photographer based in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has a background in fine art photography and education and has a passion for teaching photography to students of all ages. Tracy donates her photography services to several local charities each year. Her work can be viewed on tracywrightcorvo.com.


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