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Sundays, April 25, 10am-5pm & May 2, 10am-12pm
ONLINE and on the streets
Fee: $135.00
Instructors: Anthony Consillio and Ian Hunt

© Antony Consillio

Humor, beauty, love and pain are hidden in plain sight as we travel through our daily lives. In its purest form, street photography is making images of everyday life in the street. It is the act of capturing a 500th of a second of what appears to be the mundane, but in actuality it is the intentional organization of chaos into art. The street photographer uses light, shadow and strangers in public spaces to capture moments that alternately consider and transcend race, nationality and culture.

Join Anthony and Ian as we walk the streets of Honolulu chasing shadows and interacting with strangers all with the understanding that what we are doing is justifiable, meaningful and truly important. The class will focus on traditional candid street photography, the use of shadows and silhouettes in composition, and street portraiture.

The day begins with a one hour introductory zoom session. Following that, we spend the afternoon walking the streets including a one hour break for lunch. Location to be determined. A one to two hour moderated zoom critique of the images taken during the workshop is held the following Sunday morning after the workshop. 

Please bring your own camera and a USB card reader. You must have a basic understanding of how to use your camera. Please wear comfortable attire.
© Ian Hunt

Local photographer Tony Consillio has spent more than a decade working behind the lens of his camera, with wedding & events or at his current position as senior photographer at Oahu Publications. Anthony discovered his love of street photography in 2016 and uses it as both a creative release and personal exercise to hone his skills.  You can usually find Anthony with his camera in hand chasing shadow and wandering the street of Honolulu. Instagram: @consilliophotog

Ian Hunt is an award-winning educator at Mid-Pacific Institute, where he has taught since 2004. He is a passionate street and conceptual photographer whose work received the Kaimuki Camera Award at the 2018 PNM Contemporary Photography in Hawai‘i Exhibition. @iankhunt


Street Photography: Chasing Shadows, Capturing Humanity


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