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Yishan Wong is bringing Silicon Valley’s expertise in scaling to the climate movement. Dedicated to restoring the planet’s forests to solve climate change, Yishan leads the company to build and deploy tools to tackle the largest bottlenecks to mass-scale reforestation.

Terraformation’s technology includes off-grid seed banks that process and store millions of seeds, tracking and monitoring platforms to enable project transparency, solar-powered desalination, and more. Terraformation’s goal in 2022 is to establish the world’s largest decentralized native seed banking network.

Prior to founding Terraformation in 2020, Yishan studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He also served as the CEO of Reddit, Director of Engineering at Facebook and was part of the engineering team that led to the exponential growth of Paypal. Now, he lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with his family and dogs.

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