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How Hawaii’s Industries Can Extract Significant Value By Leveraging Documents, Records, Emails, Contracts, Meetings and even Phone Calls!

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a component of artificial intelligence and provides a computer program the ability to understand human language as it is spoken and written. Among many examples, it’s how smart assistants can perform tasks using voice commands (Siri and Alexa) or text (chatbots); it’s how apps can easily translate languages with amazing accuracy; and it’s how your email account can successfully identify, categorize, and label emails. In addition to these and other rapidly maturating NLP capabilities that are competing with humans on more complex qualitative tasks, NLP is also surprisingly practical and a viable technology for Hawaii’s organizations to implement.

Join TRUE on October 13 for an enlightening session with Ed Barnabas, Director/CTO, and Summer Rankin and Ka’imi Kahihikolo, lead Data Scientists, for Booz Allen Hamilton – US leading IT consulting firm. All three are based locally in Hawaii and represent Booz Allen’s Chief Technology Office. They are committed to providing modern technology services to Hawaii’s public and private sectors and help them thrive.

Sharing some compelling use cases, the Booz Allen team will show attendees how NLP has evolved very rapidly in the past few years and how it has been a gamechanger for the Department of Defense. More broadly, they will discuss how NLP is now more accessible and can be applied to Hawaii’s industries such as: government, tourism, health, banking, etc. By understanding your text data sets, new AI-based language technologies, and where to begin adoption with “lightweight” and feasible approaches, your organization will be more efficient and making better decisions. Seats are limited at this in-demand event, please register now!


  • 3 pm: Check in
  • 3:30 pm: Presentation
  • 5 pm: Pau hana networking drinks & pupus

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