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TLA Honolulu Official launch – XLR8HI® – Hawaii’s Entrepreneurship Center

We’re looking forward to inviting thought leaders, business leaders and those with a particular interest in promoting greater links and investment opportunities between the London and Honolulu tech hubs. It’s all free, so please sign up today to become a TLA by e-mailing the Honolulu Chapter group leader, Pauline Chakmakjian on paulineoutsidein@gmail.com

Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates is an unrivaled collection of tech leaders, experts and investors uniting to form the most influential group in tech. With no government backing, this is the voice of the private sector in London looking to connect the world.

TLA Honolulu:

The TLA Honolulu chapter aims to connect, collaborate, inform and share best practice across the London and Honolulu tech ecosystems through trade, tech, culture and growth opportunities. It will also provide a rich gateway to the powerful Global Tech Advocates and members across the world. The TLA Honolulu chapter will act as the natural bridge between Global Tech Advocates San Francisco and Global Tech Advocates Japan. Find out more here.

Special Discussion on Health Tech:

Though TLA worldwide acts as an umbrella for all aspects of technology, the TLA Honolulu Chapter launch will focus on the specific topic of Health Tech. This is relevant for the Hawaiian Islands in light of the shortage of doctors faced by our communities, especially those in rural areas as well as medical advances in healthcare and health technology. The various areas of discussion for our launch evening will include AI, Robotics, 5G as well as health and wellness monitoring by newly emerging medical devices all in relation to healthcare. The future of medicine, personalized medicine and patient data are also thought-provoking subjects that will give us a remarkable insight into Health Tech.

Facilitated and Hosted by Pauline Chakmakjian, TLA Honolulu Group Leader.


Russ Shaw – Founder, Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates.

Katarina Poljakova – Venture Associate, Sultan Ventures.

Omar Sultan – Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Sultan Ventures.

Song K. Choi – University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Engineering.


5:30-6.30PM – pizza and drinks welcome

6:30-7:30 – Panel discussion with speakers above

7:30-8:30PM – Networking

Join us and network with experts!

Any questions please e-mail: aloha@xlr8hi.com

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