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In an effort to have more active and recurring events in 2020, we will be holding a physical event site for the global Trace Labs missing persons CTF to bring the community together for a fun event with a great mission.

All information about the event itself should refer to the official event page and we will post local specific details here.


You MUST register with the official event for $10. The local event will be free to participate on site.

Get people together to meet and participate in a hands-on shared goal.

Who can participate?
Anyone!! If you’re on neighbor islands or other location but would like to participate with the local event, let us know and we’ll connect you virtually and help you find a team and stream the live parts of the event.

Tentative schedule:
11AM: Kickoff with a workshop on OSINT basics for those that have never done an OSINT event
12-6PM: Actual event participation…GO GO GO!!
6-7PM: Networking and event wrap-up (maybe local prizes?!)

We would like to thank our amazing sponsors:

Entrepreneurs Sandbox: https://sandboxhawaii.org/
CyberHui: https://www.cyberhui.org/

We are looking for additional sponsors to provide food/drink and generally support OWASP Hawaii membership overall. If you know anyone or think your workplace would be interested, please let us know.

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