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Operations leaders often suspect downtime is a high cost, but are often staggered to discover the true cost and its far-ranging impact on labor and talent to revenue and margin. This webinar will share templates, best practices, and specific examples of how to quantify and understand your cost of downtime, as well as straightforward steps to take action and impact your top and bottom line.

Major themes that will be covered in this webinar:

  • The shift in sports/business/manufacturing – leveraging data to compete
  • How to reduce unplanned downtime (root cause analysis, alerts, trends, reports)
  • Making strategic decisions (make better capex decisions with an understanding of capacity and how much room their is for improvement)
  • Realistic technology and where to start with real-time data so that it is not overwhelming
  • Tracking and driving continuous improvement

Guidewheel is on a mission to empower all the world’s factories to reach sustainable peak performance. Inspired by the simple, universal truth that every machine on the factory floor has a power cord, our plug-and-play Factory Ops platform makes the power of the cloud accessible to any factory. Guidewheel clips onto any machine to turn its real-time “heartbeat” into a connected, actively learning system that empowers teams to reduce lost production time, increase throughput, and perform better and better over time.

Speakers from Guidewheel:

Charlotte Ward – Director of Business Development

Charlotte has been with Guidewheel for just over a year and is responsible for many things, including leading new partnerships and learning more about who Guidewheel can provide the most value to. She enjoys getting to connect with manufacturers across North America to learn more about their operations and how we may be able to help.

Brody Boston – Account Executive

Brody spent 6 months living and working in Honolulu before joining Guidewheel. He is now a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and loves to spend time playing sand volleyball, a hobby he picked up on the beaches of Waikiki. Brody has demonstrated the product to hundreds of manufacturing companies and leads product demonstrations.

Jet Toner – Business Development Representative

Born and raised on Oahu, Jet is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt who is passionate about football (kicked at Punahou High School and Stanford University) and of course, loves manufacturing. He had a particularly great time recently visiting a customer of Guidewheel on Oahu, to learn more about how their operation is using Guidewheel to improve.

Please register by February 6 (Monday) at 5pm. After registration closes, we will send out the zoom link to those who have registered. If you face difficulties with registration, please contact Olivia at olivia@htdc.org

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