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During this hosted lunch & learn, explore how AI/ML and Generative AI can revolutionize customer experiences.

Better Customer Experiences with AI/ML and Generative AI

Join TRUE for an exciting lunch and learn at the Entrepreneurs Sandbox.

Generative AI, or ML systems that create new content and converse in natural language, have been all over the news this year. But how can you use them to improve your business? In this session, you will learn how to apply the latest AI/ML and generative AI techniques to improve business KPIs like customer satisfaction and conversion rate. You will hear about the state of the art in Generative AI and how it can improve your personalization and customer engagement systems. We will share some stories of how other companies like Booking.com are using generative AI, and highlight emerging best practices for getting started with your own solutions.

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Randy DeFauw, Sr. Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Justin Muller, Sr. Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Randy DeFauw is a Sr Principal Solutions Architect at AWS. He holds an MSEE from the University of Michigan, where he worked on computer vision for autonomous vehicles. He also holds an MBA from Colorado State University. Randy has held a variety of positions in the technology space, ranging from software engineering to product management. He entered the Big Data space in 2013 and continues to explore that area. He is actively working on projects in the ML space and has presented at numerous conferences including Strata and GlueCon.

With13+ years of experience in natural language processing and 3 years in generative AI, Justin Muller currently works as a Sr Solutions Architect at AWS. In this role, he has helped over 20 AWS customers explore generative AI solutions from proof of concept to production. Previously, Justin founded and owned an IoT prototyping company, worked for 3 years as a patent attorney, and managed a team of prototyping engineers at Cisco.

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