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The UH Ventures Accelerator, the University of Hawai‘i System’s nationally recognized startup accelerator, is now being run by PACE.

The primary objective of the UH Ventures Accelerator is to facilitate the commercialization of technology and innovation developed across all 10 campuses and education centers within the University System. The program is open to new venture founders from among faculty, staff, students and alumni of UH and will draw not only from PACE’s programs, but also from the many other innovation and entrepreneurial programs across the system-wide campuses.

UH Ventures Accelerator will run two cohorts in the Spring and Fall each year. The 3-month long program will include extensive mentoring, education and networking in order to accelerate market readiness. Accepted cohort companies will be eligible for equity investment from UH Ventures, LLC and may join the UH Ventures portfolio companies in which UH has been supporting and investing since 2014.

PACE’s executive director, who will be running the UH Ventures Accelerator, participated in UH’s efforts to support and invest in UH-related technology and startup ventures since 2014, having direct involvement with the application process (more than 500 companies applied, with 44 accepted), education and mentoring of the 25+ companies in which UH Ventures has invested.

The UH Ventures Accelerator will launch its NEW program in the Spring of 2020.

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