Hawaii Blockchain Summit

Bringing together Web3 founders, investors and builders. Making waves in the heart of paradise.

Hawaii Blockchain Summit2024-05-14T12:47:29-10:00

How to Get Into Emerging Tech

FoundHer x Tech Stars Startup Weekend presents Pau Hana Workshop: How to Get Into Emerging Tech: Web3, AR/VR, AI, Robotics, Blockchain.

How to Get Into Emerging Tech2022-09-05T11:43:26-10:00

NFTs: The Killer App of Web 3.0

Learn about the applications of NFTs and how they will transform the next generation of the Internet.

NFTs: The Killer App of Web 3.02022-04-18T12:09:11-10:00

Bitcoin 101 by Alex Leishman

Alexander Leishman is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at River Financial. He will be coving the whats and whys of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin 101 by Alex Leishman2021-04-14T12:22:23-10:00

IEEE Summit on Communications Futures

Examine the intersection of technologies including optical networking, satellite communications, artificial intelligence, and future use cases in public safety, cybersecurity, and drones/UAVs.

IEEE Summit on Communications Futures2020-01-04T16:26:39-10:00
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