Ourspace Launch Event

Hawaii’s small but mighty nonprofit makerspace with state-of-the-art printing tools that support small businesses and creatives

Ourspace Launch Event2023-03-29T15:00:49-10:00

Downtown Art Center Grand Opening

Live art, live music, performances by dance troupe Robena Collective, as well as a Collector's Afternoon Reception and Pop-Up Store.

Downtown Art Center Grand Opening2021-06-06T09:45:28-10:00

Energy’s Role in Hawaii’s Economic Recovery

Roadmap to Recovery, including the City's Climate Action Plan, green job creation strategies, clean energy sustainability benefits and more.

Energy’s Role in Hawaii’s Economic Recovery2021-06-10T12:24:52-10:00

CHANGE Event Series: Health & Wellness

Take a good healthcare system and make it better! Hawaii ranks among the best states in the nation for health care, but

CHANGE Event Series: Health & Wellness2020-02-29T21:12:54-10:00

Nerd Nite Honolulu

Nerd Nite Honolulu presents Bishop Museum Takeover! Presentations by Jillian A. Swift, Molly Hagemann, Holly Bolick and DeSoto Brown.

Nerd Nite Honolulu2020-02-27T09:52:20-10:00

Honolulu Science Hack

An open community meetup to hack on science projects every first Tuesday.

Honolulu Science Hack2020-04-26T14:49:46-10:00

Honolulu Science Cafe

We have been able to map the boundaries of the supercluster of 100,000 galaxies that we live in: a structure that we named Laniakea. It is some 500 million light years across, making it one of the largest known features in our Universe.

Honolulu Science Cafe2019-11-25T08:45:33-10:00
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