RVCA Product & Service Design

We'll be chatting with two designers, a Product Designer, and a Service Designer, to learn about what their day-to-day work is like.

RVCA Product & Service Design2023-05-22T12:26:00-10:00

Intro to XR: Designing the Future

In this 20-minute lightning talk, Nina Lin will give an overview of the emerging tech of XR and its connections to the broader tech landscape including the metaverse.

Intro to XR: Designing the Future2022-10-13T15:05:00-10:00

UXHI Halloween Party

Share your terrifying-but-true UX horror stories. The most scariest story gets a prize.

UXHI Halloween Party2022-10-13T15:01:51-10:00

UX Career Transitions Panel

The world of UX design seems like the perfect fit, but how do you get started?

UX Career Transitions Panel2022-09-12T13:55:20-10:00

UXHI Community Advocate Learning Session

Join us in this informational session to learn how to get involved in starting a local UX design meetup in your area.

UXHI Community Advocate Learning Session2022-08-31T21:44:27-10:00

Portfolio and Interview Advice for Emerging Product Designers

After reviewing over a hundred portfolios, Chris wants to share with the UXHI community common mistakes he has seen and provide general recommendations on how to build a proper portfolio.

Portfolio and Interview Advice for Emerging Product Designers2021-10-14T10:04:10-10:00

Navigating a UX Research Career

Dori Yeh, a UX Researcher in San Francisco, shares her story of transitioning into UX research, followed by a Q&A session.

Navigating a UX Research Career2021-09-20T21:46:05-10:00

FigJam Workshop + Meet and Greet

For UXHI's first-ever virtual event, we're running an interactive workshop on Figma's new online whiteboard tool, FigJam.

FigJam Workshop + Meet and Greet2021-06-17T11:30:32-10:00
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