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Creative Mornings: Lost – Jasper Wong
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November 22, 8:00am – 10:00am HST. Hosted at Entrepreneurs Sandbox
We typically build walls to exclude, to define borders between spaces and groups; however, walls can also represent new zones of possibility, where true collaboration can take root. Through his work as an artist and curator, Jasper Wong, has devoted his career to fostering new connections through art and reframing the conversations we have about space, both public and private, and how we can use art as a tool to craft inclusive new communities.
Drawing inspiration from Asian-influenced pop culture, Jasper Wong is a prolific local artist and illustrator with a number of high profile international exhibitions and collaborations under his belt. He was named one of the best illustrators worldwide by Archive Magazine, is the founder of Hong Kong gallery Above Second and the Creator and Lead director of Pow! Wow!, a non-profit organization of contemporary artists that enrich neighborhoods through stunning murals, community events and educational programs in Honolulu and 12 major cities around the world.
CreativeMornings Honolulu is thrilled to announce that Jasper Wong will be this month’s featured presenter for the upcoming November 22nd event on the theme of “Lost”.
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