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Google’s cutting-edge Ultra 1.0 AI model has just been released to the public as “Gemini Advanced” for Google One subscribers. It’s like ChatGPT, but from Google! Gemini is getting real review buzz from the press, and it’s hitting some impressive tech milestones. But, how does it really stack up, and is it really worth the $19.99 a month?

We’ll look at head-to-head performance between Gemini Advanced and the reigning champion–ChatGPT 4.0–using a number of real-world examples. This will not be a technical discussion: we’ll focus on the ways we think business and institutional users might benefit from one chatbot over the other for work.

We’ll also ask:

Where might Gemini Ultra make the most sense for work or personal tasks?

Can they be used together? *Should* they?

What can we predict about the infrastructure of the two products?

Finally, we’ll talk about vendor lock-in and our questions for the future for all paid AI plans.

Peter Dresslar will be presenting with examples and will be happy to work with the audience to test out new strategies.

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