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One of the best ways to learn about working with data is by doing just that…working with data! What if you could not only learn but also win a cash prize for your efforts?

Kaggle (www.kaggle.com) is the premier platform for “data competitions” — businesses and organizations that present a problem to be solved using data with prizes for the individuals or teams of up to five that create the best solution. This event will kick off Hawai’i AI’s team effort at tackling one of these challenges.

–Provide a walkthrough of the Kaggle platform
–Selection of a competition to join
–Discussion about roles and commitment level
–Future meeting schedule and frequency

I’d like this to be open to individuals of any skill and competence level. Hopefully, those of us with a little more experience working with data will be able to guide/mentor those that don’t. The goal here isn’t necessarily to win the competition (but that would be nice!), but to gain real experience in how to work through the machine learning pipeline.

–Some comfort level working with data
–Programming experience (Python preferred)
–Version control experience (Git preferred)
–A willingness to learn and stick with it!

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