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What do you think should be Hawaii’s top priority? More affordable housing? Increasing local self-sustainability and agriculture? Decarbonizing our economy?

Chances are that whatever you think is the big change we need to fix the problems kamaʻāina face every day, money plays a big role in making that happen. And right now, we’re facing budget cuts across the board, even as those very same problems become more acute. No money, mo’ problems!

We hate to say it, but money matters. We need to build the institutions that allow us to weather the storms we face today and will face in the future. We need to manage our money in a way that invests in us and doesn’t send billions in profit to Wall Street.

A public bank may be what we need.

Learn more at about the concept at this forum, featuring Rep. Dale Kobayashi, Rep. Amy Perruso and Walt McRee from the Public Banking Institute.

Register at bit.ly/publicbankingzoom

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