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Everyone is a geek about something, and the Hawaii Geek Meet brings together people of all kinds. Our definition of success is a fun, inclusive event where passionate people with unique talents, skills, and interests can come together to share their stories, learn new things, and collaborate to create something new.

Hawaii Geek Meet 2022 will be held on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2022 at MAGIC ISLAND in Ala Moana Beach Park. While we’ve hosted the event here almost every year, we’re excited to say we now have special permission to use the “multipurpose field” adjacent to the main parking lot. That’s right, we’ll not only be easy to find, but participants won’t have to transport things halfway through the park!

There’s no fee or even application to participate. You can set up a tent and table with things to show and tell, lay out a blanket for people to sit and chat with you, or even just roam the grounds freely to share what you do and meet new people. We encourage educational exhibits and hands-on activities, of course, to encourage people to visit you.

But as much as the Hawaii Geek Meet represents an outreach opportunity for participating organizations, we really want you to think of it as an event for your team to gather and bond as well. Think of it as a potluck picnic, but one that just happens to coincide with those of many other really interesting, like-minded organizations.

While no sales of any kind are allowed, you’re free to distribute swag and flyers for people to connect with you directly later. Water, sunscreen, and food or snacks for your group are also recommended.

In addition to tech, science, art, and education, we’re hoping to broaden our “geek village” to incorporate environmental and sustainability organizations. Please do feel free to pass this information on to any other like-minded organization you’ve worked with or supported. The more the merrier!

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