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This event is an online pitch competition where we bring Hawaii startups to pitch to Japanese corporations, VC and investors online.

Island Innovation Demo Day is a one-day event bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners from both Japan and Hawaii. Our demo day is focused on “Island problem solution” technology, such as sustainability, tourism, agriculture etc. Island Innovation Demo Day Online is a spin-off event of Island Innovation Demo Day.

Time Schdule

  • 15:00 Opening
  • 15:10 Pitch Starts (5minuts presentation + 5minutes Q&A)
  • 16:10 Judges Time
  • 16:20 Award Ceremony and Closing
  • 16:30 End


EcoponicX : Inspired by Hawai’i’s unique place in the world, EcoponicX believes in technology that preserves and sustains nature in a truly harmonious relationship. Thier vision is to challenge the paradigm of farming as input intensive, real estate extensive, destructive, and overly centralized. They look to a future where the distance between the source of nutrition and your home is as close as your neighborhood park or your fridge.

Polū Energy : Polū means “blue” in Hawaiian! “Blue Energy,” also known as salinity gradient power, is the electrical energy derived from the difference in salt concentration when freshwater mixes with ocean salt water. This natural process occurs every moment that rivers meet the ocean. A natural phenomenon when rivers empty into the ocean like in loko iʻa (Hawaiian fishponds).

Shaka Guide : Shaka Guide provides location-based audio tours offer an immersive experience with authentic storytelling and music by local artists. We’re proud to have the highest-rated Hawaii travel apps in the App Store and Google Play store. A tremendous amount of care goes into each tour we create. Every site we visit, word we say, and song we select has been hand picked and crafted for quality.

Mermaid Mushrooms : Mermaid Mushrooms is a gourmet mushroom farm located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. We grow a variety of gourmet species using an innovative form of indoor vertical farming to bring the highest quality mushrooms to the people of Hawaii. Our focus is on enhancing the sustainability of local mushroom production by diverting agricultural and green waste streams. This will provide healthy, nutrient rich food that will reduce our reliance on imports.

TeleMedcX : TeleMedicX is providing innovative remote medical care in an affordable and quality manner backed by a world class team of experts. One of our products, “VirtualCliniX-Tourism” is a telemedicine platform (online doctor visit) designed to help tourists get the medical care they need remotely by local medical clinics. When travelers feel sick they have a difficult time finding a local doctor especially if they don’t speak english. By connecting travelers with local urgent care on our platform travelers can find local doctors easily because they can choose based on reviews, languages spoken, and transparent cost in addition to the easy online video consultation and scheduling which is part of our platform.


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