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Building Satellites for Remote Sensing in Hawaii

Ever wonder what satellites do in Hawaii and why we need them? From monitoring volcanoes and coastline erosion to tracking wildfires and the health of our local ecosystems, satellites use remote sensing to help us learn about the Islands and stay prepared for natural disasters. With the advent of low-cost satellite kits and materials, space is now more accessible than ever, and students can learn how to design, build, launch, and operate real-life satellites as part of their undergraduate education.

Join us for our inaugural Space Science Symposium and meet Aerospace Engineer Amber Imai-Hong to learn how scientists and engineers at the Hawaiʻi Institute of Geophysics and Planetology (HIGP) team up to build and fly small satellite missions for the Hawaiʻi Space Flight Laboratory (HSFL). Amber will share her own journey of becoming an engineer as well as exciting student opportunities at HIGP.

  • Time: Thursday, Oct. 26, 6p – 7p
  • Format: Virtual

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