Hawaii Grant Summit

This informative workshop will provide information on the latest federal grants available across three key areas: rural utilities, school safety, and digital equity.

Hawaii Grant Summit2023-08-29T09:11:00-10:00

ʻĀina-Informatics Network Launch

Learn more about upcoming genomics education workshops and project opportunities with ʻĀina-Informatics Network, based at ʻIolani School.

ʻĀina-Informatics Network Launch2023-08-03T06:01:50-10:00

Schools of the Future Conference

The 14th annual Schools of the Future Conference will explore a wide-range of topics and ideas related to best practices in education.

Schools of the Future Conference2022-10-02T21:58:04-10:00

What School Could Be Breakfast Panel

What actually happens when a community seriously invests in training young people to be not just #futureready, but shape the future?

What School Could Be Breakfast Panel2022-09-12T12:38:52-10:00

WordPress Weekly Workshops

The series has been held on Wednesdays for years. So this one is for all of you who've missed out due to standing Wednesday commitments.

WordPress Weekly Workshops2021-04-07T16:22:52-10:00

Student Energy Summit 2020

Students will have the option to meet in their “energy-pods” (aka school teams) or work together remotely. This year’s topic is centered around working together towards a clean energy future: Road to Recovery.

Student Energy Summit 20202020-10-15T14:13:44-10:00
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